A late entry to the 1HGJ (One Hour Game Jam) #71 (Theme: Reverse)

UnShootEmUp! You can play the game clicking here.

I¬†took more than one hour to finish it. Almost have it done in time for the games stream but didn’t make it. But I`m happy with the result that I was able to reach is so short time. I had a lot of issues from PC slowdown, having to wait for updates and personal issues to take care. In the total programming time maybe I had spent 1 and half hour. I will try to submit in time for next week One Hour Game Jam again!
Check out the other games at the jam website http://onehourgamejam.com.

Hope you enjoy this simple game.
TO-DO: Increase difficult as you play.

Description and instructions

  • The time is going reverse on this game.
  • You need to shoot the explosions to revert them back to spaceships and avoid a time paradox.
  • The shot will come from the top of the screen and hit the explosion and you’ll get 10 points.
  • After that you will need to catch the shot with your ship. Extra 5 points for that.
  • If you miss to hit any explosion or catch any shot you will make a time paradox.
  • 3 time paradoxes and it’s game over.
  • Spacebar shoots. Arrow keys left/right to move the ship.