My entry to the 1HGJ (One Hour Game Jam) #73 (Theme: Isolation)

Isolate Me! You can play the game clicking here.

That one I finished in time for the stream showcasing the games (, check the 09/17/2016 stream around the 11th minute mark). The idea is not something very original but suits the theme well. You can walk only the 4 directions (no diagonals) and cannot stop (Arrow keys to move). Other people will be bouncing around the stage and you need to avoid them as long as possible. At every 5 seconds mark, new people are spawned (Tip: Keep away from the blue boxes).

At first I was thinking about other game mechanic like having bombs to disperse people or a way for building a piece of wall to try to isolate yourself. I gave up this idea fearing not finish the game in time. I’m happy with the results and finished with 10 minutes spare time. It was cool to see the people on stream trying to beat each others high score and when we see people having fun with a game I created, that’s “mission accomplished”

Check out the other games at the jam website

Hope you enjoy this simple game.

Description and instructions

  • You need to avoid the red suit people.
  • Arrow keys to move.
  • You can only move one of the four directions at time (no diagonals) and cannot stop.
  • On the other side, they only move in diagonals and bounce on walls.
  • You bounce when hitting the walls, too.
  • For each second survived you earn 1 point.
  • Each 5 seconds, new people enter the room.
  • Just touch other people one time and it’s Game Over.