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System: Windows/Android 4.0+
Genre: Puzzle
# of players: 2
Release date: TBA




Game in Development

Gameplay Video
Please note that this game is a work in progress. Final product may be different.

A new twist on the old falling block puzzles formula.

The pieces are formed by 3 tiles in a “L” shape. Connect 3 or more tiles of the same color in a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line. Rack up the points with insane combos and fight for the best place on the global leaderboards! Fun for all the family on the party mode where you can play with up to 4 people on the same screen!* A nice game for casual to hardcore gamers!


  • Arcade style interface
  • Simple puzzle game mechanics that is just pick-up and play, but difficult to master!
  • Several different game modes that include:
    • Arcade mode (standard game rules)
    • Relax mode (no timer and slower speed)
    • Puzzle mode (solve the puzzle using fewer pieces as possible)
    • Party mode (up to 4 players on same screen)*
    • Insane mode (lots of crazy power ups!)
  • Global and Local Leaderboards

* Feature only available on PC version