Title Screen

System: Sega MegaDrive (Genesis)
Genre: Shoot ’em Up
# of players: 1
Release date: TBA

Game in Development

Stop the terrorists from taking over a tropical paradise. Soon in your MegaDrive/Genesis!
Terrorist forces are trying to take over a small country located in a tropical island by using guerrilla warfare and they have established a small attack drones factory in the heart of the tropical jungle. The drones are used to attack military and civilian forces and must be stopped at any cost.  Your’re in control of the most advanced and modern attack choppers in the world. It’s your job to stop by yourself the terrorist army from taking over a tropical island with an array of weapons and power-ups.

Classic shoot ’em up action gameplay for your SEGA MegaDrive/Genesis!



  • A new original game for your SEGA MegaDrive/Genesis. Cartridge release planed!
  • Intense and high speed shoot ’em up
  • Different weapons and upgrades for your chopper
  • Lots of different enemies
  • Giant bosses


Please note that this game is a work in progress. Final product may be different.