Bridge the past, embrace the future.

Welcome to Odintsoff Systems

About us

At Odintsoff Systems, we are driven by our mission to bridge the past and embrace the future through innovative game development.

We strive to create immersive gaming experiences that honor the rich legacy of gaming while pushing boundaries and exploring new frontiers. Our team of passionate developers and artists is dedicated to crafting captivating games and tools that seamlessly integrate the nostalgia of the past with the cutting-edge technologies of the future.

With a deep respect for gaming history and a commitment to innovation, we aim to delight players of all generations, connecting them through the shared joy of gaming.

Together, we build bridges that span time and ignite the imaginations of players worldwide.

What we do

Don’t matter where you play, we will be there.

In alignment with our mission, we develop games and tools that cater not only to the latest generation of consoles and PCs, but also to the cherished retro consoles of the past, including iconic platforms like Mega Drive/Genesis, Master System, and Atari 2600, among others.

Our approach entails revitalizing timeless concepts on modern platforms, breathing new life into nostalgic experiences, while also introducing fresh and innovative ideas to the realm of vintage consoles.

If you need development services for new or old game platforms, please feel free to contact us.

Meet the Team

Ivan Odintsoff

CEO/Founder/Lead Developer

Ivan is a seasoned IT professional with over 13 years of experience, specializing in software engineering, and team leadership. With a lifelong passion for games since 1988, and a penchant for collecting games, he brings a unique blend of technical expertise, creative vision, and deep gaming knowledge to the world of game development.

Nathally Nunes


With a comprehensive background in IT, Design, and UX, Nathally showcases her versatility as an IT professional and digital artist. Her unwavering passion for innovation, technology, and culture informs her work, enabling her to bring a diverse skill set and a unique perspective to every endeavor.